I’m Jacqui and here’s a little bit about me.

I developed a passion for gardens at a very young age. It was entirely my fathers doing because he made the garden my sister and I played endlessly in, a truly magical place. A mischievous storyteller, Dad convinced my sister and I that our garden was home to all sorts of fantastical creatures that came out to play when our backs were turned. He had us believe that there really were fairies living at the bottom of the garden and we would spend our summer days making rose petal perfume for them in the hope of catching a glimpse.
When it rained we would dash out to look at the little droplets of water that collected in the lupin leaves because these, we believed, were tiny mirrors for the fairy folk who would be having a ball that night.
So you see I grew up believing gardens to be full of magic and sparkle and as it turns out, they can be!

I did my first back to back garden at RHS Tatton in 2006. The garden was an edible garden called ‘Eat my garden’  based on my philosophy that a productive garden can also be a beautiful one. It was awarded a silver-gilt medal.
Productive plants, especially herbs are amongst my favourites as they are so versatile. Attractive to look at, highly scented and full of flavour I can’t resist them; but then I do love to cook. Dining alfresco in a beautiful garden with good food and great company is one of my favourite things to do.

I love the great outdoor, I’m a sucker for adventure and I enjoy climbing mountains. Toubkal in Morocco is the highest summit I’ve reached so far and I’m looking forward to reaching the top of Monte Perdido in the Spanish Pyrenees this summer. I’m excited to see the alpine meadows of Ordesa and Monte Perdido national park in full swing. Rich in colour and fragrance I have no doubt at all it will take my breath away. It’s this absorption in nature that continues to inspire me and gives me fresh ideas for future gardens.

My passion for gardening is infectious and I have the pleasure of sharing the joy with listeners of BBC radio Manchester on a Saturday morning. I broadcast live on the show as one of there gardening experts sharing tips and advise on how to get the best from our gardens.

I live in South Manchester, Cheshire with my husband and three children. We have a mad old English sheepdog and an angry cat whose attitude, I suspect, is inextricably linked to the arrival of the mad dog.


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