We creep into the garage, full of mystery and whispers. Two large boxes have arrived and we tiptoe over to peep inside. Carefully unfolding the lid we look inside and discover an absolute bounty of bulbs, perfectly sized and covered in their own crisp brown, tissue paper like layer of skin. We can’t resist and  plunge our hands into the mix, it’s delicious, satisfying and full of spring dreams. We scrabble around for a label, hoping it says ‘Ballerina’ because Ballerina tulips are our favourites and we know they are perfect for the garden we work in. We find the label, they are Ballerinas! Hundreds of these exquisite, lily-flowered tulips are ready and waiting to send up an elegant, orange, sweetly scented bloom in spring. We are so excited for the season. If the darkness of winter can be bypassed by the hope of spring then bring it on. Lets swap anti depressants for spring bulbs, they are a much less bitter pill to swallow. 

Ballerina tulip

The bulbs are housed in a pleasing wooden crate and delivered in a cardboard box. Every bit of packaging is recyclable. Thank you to the suppliers, Kiss my Grass, you make our gardeners hearts happy. 

The other box is filled with Purissima tulip bulbs. This variety produces creamy-white rounded, scented blooms and is another firm favourite. They are a fantastic cutting flower and who can resist stepping out into the garden on a fine, spring day to take a deep breath of fresh morning air and gather a bunch of beautiful, homegrown flowers. 

Purissima tulip

Bulbs add another layer of beauty to a garden and planting a succession of flowers will ensure there is something delightful going on in the borders throughout the seasons. In winter it’s all about the snowdrops and the aconites followed by iris reticulata in early spring. Then comes the crocus, hyacinths and daffodils, followed by the tulips and camassias. Alliums come beating in with drumstick flowers in summer and their spherical seed-heads hold well into autumn. The stunning Gladiolus Murielae blooms in autumn and then dainty cyclamen begin to carpet the ground ready for the snowdrops to return once again.