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Welcome! Here you can find the latest plant inspired events, what’s looking good in the gardens each month and share my favourite, home grown recipes. I would love you read my blogs that showcase my latest projects and bring you the highlights of horticultural happiness.

An evening with Mr Plant Geek

Very excited to let you know that Mr Cute will be at The Plant shop Manchester on Friday 19th October hosting an evening of his ‘Weird & Wacky plants’. It’s the October event that I’ve been looking forward to the most so why not come and join in the fun. Drinks are available and there might be a chance to bag yourself a gorgeous houseplant from the shop on your way through. Looking forward to seeing you there. For tickets visit http://www.plantshopmanchester.com




Flavour of the month

Eyes over here now for another tasty dish! October’s ‘flavour of the month’ has to be sage because it goes so well with squashes and what would autumn in the kitchen be without a few squashes to see us through. I’ve discovered squash risotto, a dish never tackled before owing to its reputation of being a bit fiddly. It isn’t. There’s loads of chopped fresh sage in the risotto making it a deliciously warming dish. So ‘hats off to the old sage’; looks good and tastes good too.




Colour combos

I’m defying the usual ‘blaze of glory’ autumn colour combinations with this little bit of gorgeousness. This malus Golden Hornet, covered in clusters of dinky crab apples, is softened by the rose that grows amongst it. The rose is an unknown variety that cheekily reaches through the garden railings and has many a passerby stopping to smell it; it has a beautiful fragrance. Removing spent roses encourages more flowers resulting in a late summer/ autumn plant combination that has us looking skywards wondering if this really is a match made in heaven.





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Here’s my latest projects and some tips and advice on what do in the garden this month.

Cut off their heads?

It certainly feels like the summer borders have peaked too soon! Perennials that would usually still be sitting pretty have given us a fine display and gone to seed. But all is not lost, I believe there’s still time to get a second flush of flowers by...

A beech for the birds

It's raining outside, softly, gently and I’m entranced by our garden. Droplets of water have settled in a line beneath the pergola; shining like crazy diamonds they are defying gravity and refusing to fall. They are mesmerising in their stillness. The bare...

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